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What do you mean Trauma Recovery?

I always use the cliché there is never such a thing as a silly/bad question and this is a question that we get asked often: "What do you mean Trauma Recovery"?? If you have a physical trauma, a broken leg for example most of us would see a Doctor, get it treated and take time to recover from the physical injury, boring, painful perhaps and a simple process.

Emotional or mental trauma leaves its mark on us but often its not so obvious as a broken leg, or a bruised knee and because we cant see the impact of the trauma its easy to push it to one side, bury it or out it in a box. The trauma however is very real and just like if you broke your leg and carried on walking or running and tried to pretend it wasn't there, putting emotional trauma in a box in your head is likely to have the same effect - it is likely to cause more harm than good in long run.

So Trauma Recovery for us means just that. Like the Doctor can help you recover from a physical trauma, we can help you recover from the emotional and mental trauma's you have experienced.

For some people we work with the trauma is recent, for others the trauma is in the past and the scars continue to affect their present lives. How we work with each of our clients is unique to them, but what we always start with is is helping our clients to realise that right now they are safe, right now although they may be remembering the trauma's from past, they safe from them now (as long as they are of course). We then guide our clients through their process of healing and learning to live with their scars.

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