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Who we work with

If you've experienced any kind of sexual, domestic or relational abuse; or know somebody who has, we are here to help you and them. This includes children who have suffered any kind of abuse, adults who have experienced sexual assault or abuse and parents/partners/siblings or a loved one who has been abused or is experiencing trauma.

We work with anyone who has directly or indirectly experienced sexual, domestic or relational trauma including their support networks (vicarious trauma); providing counselling and peer support therapy. We work collaboratively with and take referrals from SARC, Beacon, Emerald Centre, OPCC, NHS England, Recover and we can also refer our clients to these if appropriate to do so.

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“We are loving how short and concise your referral form is!!!  It is so quick and easy.  Very helpful, thank you." Claire, Bedfordshire ISVA service

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