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We work with individual professionals, organisations and groups.

If we are already working with your organisation, and you need to make a referral for a client/service user or are looking for more information about the service we provide your organisation, please use the link below to access the password protected page for your organisation.

If you would like arrange a time to discuss working together with Trauma Recovery, please complete the form below. 

Counselling placements and internships

  • Placements for final year student Counsellors and Therapists.

  • 6 month paid internship for newly qualified Counsellors and Therapists, or those wanting to increase their trauma experience. 

Clinical Supervision

  • Individual Clinical Supervision

  • Experienced Clinical Supervisor

  • Trauma-Informed integrative supervision

  • Group supervision offered to existing groups

  • Clinical Supervision for Counsellors/Therapists and other helping professionals (Support Workers, ISVA's, Teachers, Front Line Workers)

Partnership Working

Working with your organisation to offer a bespoke service for:

  • Your clients/service users 

  • Your employees

  • Your network

This could include:

  • One off referrals for Therapy/Counselling funded by your organisation

  • Developing and running a pilot service

  • Developing and running a longer term service

  • Joint bid for funding

Our values

​Our mission is to provide a ​safe, supportive and ​sustainable therapeutic service with a robust foundation of research and evidence based practice. To do this the SAFE framework underpins Trauma Recovery.

The SAFE framework is based on our organisational values: Honesty, Accountability, Respect and Giving back

Make a referral to an existing service

To find more information about the service we provide your organisation, or to make a referral to an existing service, please select your service below.


NHS Talking Therapies



YouTurn Futures

Trauma areas explained...

Sexual Trauma

Responses to childhood and adulthood sexual violence are complex and highly individualised. Some survivors experience severe and chronic psychological symptoms, whereas others experience little or no distress. The wide range of consequences may be attributed to assault characteristics, environmental conditions, survivor attributes, and availability of social support and resources.

Sexual Trauma help hertfordshire

Domestic Trauma

When we experience trauma at the hands of someone we love and trust, it often impacts us profoundly and in many areas of our lives. Domestic violence involves a pattern of coercive and controlling behaviour that your partner uses against you to obtain power and control over you and your life.

Relational Trauma help hertfordshire

Relational Trauma

Relational trauma is the experience of repeated neglect, abuse, bullying, or other types of behavior that causes lasting psychological harm. In most cases, it is usually perpetrated by a family member or close relatives and the repercussions are very serious, causing long-term trauma and distress.

Working in Partnership with

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