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Short term trauma focused therapy

Each client is offered between 10 and 13 sessions. Each session focuses on developing resources and tools to support you to develop or re-establish internal stability and a sense of safety following a traumatic event.

The sessions have a clear process to support you to focus on the present and move away from re-living the event. The sessions support you to consider the impact of the traumatic event you experienced or witnessed and think about your own needs and how these can be met by you and others.

Who is this helpful for?

Anyone who has experienced sexual, domestic or relational trauma and has been left with the feeling that they are unsafe and not in control. You might find that you are stuck in a pattern of behaviour that harms you. You might be experiencing insomnia, nightmares and flashbacks. You may self harm in one or more ways.

What is the cost?

The package costs between £600-£780 depending on which therapist you work with. We are able to offer a reduced rate along with free support depending on your circumstances, so please contact us in confidence to discuss your situation in more detail.

Open ended trauma informed therapy

This is offered weekly with a regular reviews with your therapist to ensure that the therapy is helpful and relevant for you.


The focus of the ongoing work will be contracted between you and your therapist on an individual basis.
Some people find it helpful to think about their past experiences in more depth to enable them to make links to their present behaviours/feelings/beliefs. Other people find that a focus on the present or future is a more helpful use of their time. Often we find that by thinking about the past, present and future, our clients feel confident to set their own goals for the future.

What is the cost?

The cost is £55-£70 per session. Discounts are offered if you pay in advance for 6 sessions and we are able to offer a small amount of reduced rate sessions.



Group therapy

 We offer a variety of groups including; survivors of sexual assault/abuse, survivors of domestic abuse, adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, 14-17 yr olds who have experienced sexual assault by a peer, parents of children who have experienced sexual abuse/assault.

Each group is led by an experienced trauma therapist and each week will have a specific focus. At the end of the group you will be invited to join a peer support group to encourage you to support one another on an ongoing basis. Group numbers are limited and are held online.

What is the cost?

The cost of our groups varies. Where we are able to secure funding, we will offer the groups free. 

If you are a professional and would like to talk with us about running a group on behalf of your organisation or you would like to fund a group please contact us. 



Peer support

This is ongoing, continued support therapy and you are welcome to access a combination of support that you feel best suits your needs. Peer support can be offered through groups and individual mentoring.

Prior to joining the group you will meet with a group leader to talk through the group boundaries and to ensure that this is the best suited group for you. These groups are held online and are moderated by Trauma Recovery CIC volunteers. Peer support is offered free of charge to all; however if you feel able to offer a donation to support this service, contributions will be gratefully received.

Giving back

We believe that often the best support comes from those who have shared experiences and are in a position where they can support others. We encourage those who receive support from Trauma Recovery CIC at the right point in their own healing to consider using their own personal experiences and the knowledge they have gained through their healing to support others. This is done through both peer support groups and individual mentoring.

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