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The Lightbulb Project

In response to requests from pupils a Hertford school approached Trauma Recovery about delivering a workshop to their 6th Form students covering healthy relationships and the impact of sexual assault. You can read about this here. Long story very short, the feedback from the day was phenomenal and enabled Trauma Recovery with support from HCF to win a grant from David Lloyd, Herts Police Commissioner to offer the workshop free to 16 schools around Hertfordshire. 

Questions you may have

1. What is the cost?

Trauma Recovery have secured funding to offer a 1.5 hour workshop to 16 schools in Hertfordshire at no cost to you.

Further workshops can be delivered at a cost of £400 per workshop

2. Who is the workshop for?

The workshop is designed for students in years 11,12 or 13. The current workshop is not appropriate for younger students due to the content.

3. How many students can attend?

The workshop is offered to 1 year group at a time. Year groups cannot be mixed.

4. What date and time can I book?

Please see the booking form for this information

5. What if we want to book more than one workshop?

This is possible, please add this information to the booking form and we will contact you to discuss further. It is possible to provide a bespoke workshop for younger students, staff or parents. 

6. Who delivers the workshop?

The workshop has been produced by Rebecca Fox, TRCIC's MD and Clinical lead in collaboration with teachers, pupils and young people's therapists. It is delivered by Rebecca Fox and/or Neelam our project lead

7. Are you able to support our school further should any issues arrise from the workshop?
We are able to provide advice and consultation, every school will be offered 30 minutes free either prior or following the workshop. TRCIC and Crystal Clear Counselling are able to provide longer term consultation and therapeutic input. For further information please speak with us about costs and availability. 

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