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Privacy Policy 

1. Your data and us

1.1 collects only the minimum amount of your data required to run a functional web site. We are committed to providing the best service we can for you, which includes keeping your personal details secure, and not storing any information for longer than is necessary.

2. What we collect from you

2.1 From all site visitors:

(a) Your IP address, browser type, geographical location, length of visit and pages you view are all stored. Long term, this data is made anonymous so that you cannot be identified by it. Your full IP address is recorded and retained for a period of a few months to ensure that our web site is functioning correctly.

2.2 From registered users (in addition to 2.1)

(a) When you register, you provide a user name, password and email address. This information is stored for the life of your membership and deleted once it is no longer needed.

2.3 From users who make a purchase (in addition to 2.1 and 2.2)

(a) When you make a purchase, you give us your name, address and payment details. Your name and address are kept in our databases in accordance with the government regulations regarding accounting for financial transactions. Your payment details however are never stored by us. We use PayPal as a third party or ‘Gateway’ to process your payment. PayPal have a strict and comprehensive privacy policy which can be found here.

2.4 From users who send us email or use our online forms

(a) Your email address is recorded in order to allow us to reply to your message. Any other information volunteered to us about you, such as phone numbers or personal information is also recorded.

This information is not shared with third parties and is held in strict confidence. It is deleted once our interaction is over and is no longer required. Data of this type will be kept if we ask for consent and you give that consent.

3. How we use your information

3.1 Your personal details are never shared with a third party without your consent. Your consent is never assumed and will be gained by asking you directly on a case by case basis. You will never be asked to sign a blanket agreement to give up your rights.

3.2 We use your information in the following ways:

(a) To track how our web site is used in order to give users the best experience

(b) To send you messages in relation to enquiries, your services and purchases

(c) To facilitate purchases

4. Sharing your information

4.1 Your information is only ever used for the purposes disclosed to you within this policy. We never share your personal information unless compelled to by law. Any legal requests for information must be accompanied by a warrant and will always be challenged by us. The rights of our users are fundamental to us.

4.3 Your information is only shared under these circumstances:

(a) When legally compelled to do so

(b) When making a purchase and then only ever to our payment gateway (see Section 2)

(c) In the event that legal proceedings be brought against us in which your information becomes relevant

(d) For the prevention of illegal activity such as fraud

(e) At the request of the user, or after agreement between the user and us for a specific purpose such as seeking the assistance of a third party during counselling

5. Where is your data stored

5.1 In order to keep your information secure it must be backed up in a number of places around the world. Should a specific data centre be subject to a natural disaster, another region will still have your data safe.

5.2 Information is stored in professional data centres around the world and is subject to industry standard security measures to protect it.

6. Retaining personal information

6.1 All information is kept only for as long as required and then is either made anonymous or deleted altogether.

6.2 Financial information is kept for 10 years in accordance with UK government regulations.

6.3 Comments and testimonials are kept indefinitely as long as you consent, however should you wish public comments and testimonials to be removed from our web site we will do so upon request.

6.4 Information may be retained beyond its normal purpose should it be relevant to legal proceedings (see section 4)

7. Changes to this policy

7.1 Digital rights and data protection are constantly in flux. We endeavor to protect you and your private data to the best of our abilities, as such we will amend this policy and our practices if and when those amendments will better serve our users. Check back here regularly to see any changes we have made.

8. What can you do about the information we hold

8.1 You have the right to request a copy of the information we hold about you. We will always comply with such requests to the best of our abilities.

8.2 Should you wish your personal details to be removed from our system we will do so where possible, and if not possible (such as with analytical data) that information will be made anonymous (which is standard practice with all analytical data anyway).

8.3 Financial details will be retained by us in accordance with UK law.

9. Cookies and storing data on your computer

9.1 As is common with web sites, we sometimes store files on your computer, this is a standard way of allowing you to securely log on to your account, and for us to analyse our users.

9.2 The files we store will never be used for any other purpose and can easily be removed by you without affecting the use of our web site. They are used temporarily to help you log in and to tell us that we have a visitor.

10. Have more questions?

10.1 We operate with as much transparency as possible, if you have further questions about how we protect your privacy then please contact us.

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