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About Trauma Recovery CIC

Based in Hertfordshire and established in 2020 by Rebecca Fox and Sandra Lewin, Trauma Recovery CIC is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing a comprehensive blend of therapeutic and peer support services to victim/survivors of trauma, irrespective of when their experiences occurred.

At Trauma Recovery CIC, we understand the profound impact of trauma on individuals' lives and our goal is simple: to ensure that quality therapeutic and peer support is accessible to all who need it, regardless of financial circumstances.


We do this by committing to offering a range of free and low-cost therapy options, in addition to our fully self-funded services and by working collaboratively with a range of partners and organisations to secure funding, allowing us to sustainably deliver our services.


People who engage with our service come from all walks of life and backgrounds. We work with people of all genders and ages. The majority of clients who access our services have experienced sexual violence at some point in their lives. Many have also experienced domestic and relational abuse. The services we currently offer have been developed through feedback from clients, service users and our partners in keeping with our ethos of offering a client-led service.


What truly sets us apart is our team.  At Trauma Recovery CIC, we're not just a service provider – we're a community of survivors, advocates, and allies. Many of our dedicated team members have lived experiences of trauma and abuse, bringing a deep understanding and empathy to their work. This shared understanding fosters a dynamic and supportive environment where growth and healing can flourish.


We work with individuals and with organisations, referrals to our service are a combination of self-referrals and referrals from partner organisations.

Working in Partnership with

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