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About us

Trauma Recovery CIC is a not-for-profit organisation which combines the skills and experience of leaders and change-makers in the field of sexual, domestic and relational trauma and the long-term effects that those experiences bring. Trauma Recovery CIC provides a safe and confidential space where people in the community can get the help that they need.

Our team work with anyone who has directly or indirectly had traumatic experiences recently or in their past providing individual trauma-focused therapy and on behalf of partners offering peer support groups. 


Our core service works with people in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Essex and Cambridgeshire who have experienced sexual trauma within the past 12 months. We also offer individual trauma-focused therapy throughout Hertfordshire to people of any age who have experienced sexual, domestic or relational trauma including their support networks (vicarious trauma).


We work collaboratively with and take referrals from Herts SARC, Beacon Victim Services, The Emerald Centre, The Elms, Cambridge and Peterborough Rape Crisis ISVA services, One YMCA ISVA service, Herts OPCC, NHS England, Safer Places, YouTurn Futures and CGL. 

Rebecca Fox SNCPS (Acc)

Rebecca worked in Social Services for 9 years before re-training in Counselling. She spent 11 years establishing and running Hertfordshire Therapy Centre before founding Trauma Recovery CIC with Sandra Lewin.

Rebecca is TRCIC MD and Clinical Lead. She takes responsibility for developing TRCIC clinical services and new projects, co-ordinates training and works closely with the Therapy Lead. Rebecca supports partner organisations offering training and clinical supervision for their teams and works directly with clients who require her expertise. 

Rebecca's experience includes:


Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy


Babette Rothschild Somatic Trauma Therapy


Sexual Trauma Specialist


Child Protection Social Work


Sandra Lewin

Sandra setup Herts SARC (Sexual Assault Referral Centre) in 2011 and managed the service until she founded TRCIC in 2020​.

Sandra designed and built the holistic Herts SARC services which provide free support and practical help to victims of sexual abuse - whether or not the victim wishes to involve the police.

​Sandra is TRCIC Operations Director. She takes responsibility for financial matters, HR and recruitment and all operational requirements and reporting to our partners.

Sandra's experience includes:


Herts Police - Domestic Abuse County Coordinator


Herts Police - Professionals Standards Manager


Herts Police - HR/Training/Personnel

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