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​Our mission is to provide a ​safe, supportive and ​sustainable therapeutic service with a robust foundation of research and evidence based practice. To do this the SAFE framework underpins Trauma Recovery.


  • A safe and confidential environment

  • Trauma informed therapy

  • Trauma focused therapy

  • Information to help you understand your emotional and psychological responses to what you have experienced


  • Flexibility around how you access therapy (online or in person)​

  • Funded and self funded therapy

  • Short term therapy

  • Open ended therapy


  • Work towards gaining a sense of freedom from the traumatic experiences​

  • Understand your responses in context

  • Create your own future


  • Education and knowledge sharing around the impact of trauma​

  • Support to understand yourself in the contact of your experiences

  • Understand your own patterns and make informed choices

What we offer you

Our values

Honesty, openness, fairness, accountability, safety, trust, respect of oneself and of others, ownership, congruence, unconditional positive regard, empathy and giving back.

Trauma areas explained...

Sexual Trauma

Responses to childhood and adulthood sexual violence are complex and highly individualised. Some survivors experience severe and chronic psychological symptoms, whereas others experience little or no distress. The wide range of consequences may be attributed to assault characteristics, environmental conditions, survivor attributes, and availability of social support and resources.

Sexual Trauma help hertfordshire

Domestic Trauma

When we experience trauma at the hands of someone we love and trust, it often impacts us profoundly and in many areas of our lives. Domestic violence involves a pattern of coercive and controlling behaviour that your partner uses against you to obtain power and control over you and your life.

Relational Trauma help hertfordshire

Relational Trauma

Relational trauma is the experience of repeated neglect, abuse, bullying, or other types of behavior that causes lasting psychological harm. In most cases, it is usually perpetrated by a family member or close relatives and the repercussions are very serious, causing long-term trauma and distress.

relationship trauma hertfordshire

Access our therapeutic service

You can self refer to Trauma Recovery for your self or a child or young person aged 15 years or under. For information about what we can offer click the button below

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