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Counselling Placements

We are proud to support student Counsellors in the final year of their studies for level 4 or 5. We offer 2 intakes per year to Chrysalis Courses students with placements starting in September and January/February at the beginning of your final year. 

What we offer

Fully funded support programme that consists of:

  • Monthly clinical supervision with an external clinical supervisor allocated to you by our placement team

  • Weekly group mentoring (1 hour online)

  • Fortnightly case management supervision (1 hour)

  • Fortnightly individual mentoring (1 hour)

  • Up to 4 clients per week

  • In person client sessions in Welwyn Garden City (day time only)

  • Online client sessions during the Trauma Recovery opening hours

  • The opportunity to attend in house CPD sessions where appropriate

  • The opportunity to attend training days where appropriate

  • The opportunity to co-facilitate peer group support sessions

  • The possibility of continuing with Trauma Recovery at the end of your placement in an employed intern role with the possibility of an employed Counselling position (this is based on organisation need and capacity and is not automatically offered to all students)

What we expect from you

A 12 month commitment that includes:

  • Commitment to 4 client hours per week

  • To attend peer mentoring group Wednesdays 12pm-1pm (online)

  • To attend case management supervision/individual mentoring sessions on Thursdays 12.45-1.45 (either online or in person)

  • Commit to a fixed shift pattern to enable the service to offer clients regular appointments at the same day and time every week

  • A willingness to learn and develop through your placement​

  • A willingness to work with other team members to support each others learning collaboratively

  • Honesty about your areas of development

  • Self reflection

  • A willingness to contribute to the development of the self funded Crystal Clear service

  • A willingness to contribute to the development of the placement programme through feedback and focus groups

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