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Trauma Recovery CIC

“I was victimised, but I am not a victim”
- Edith Eger, Author of The Choice


Here to help

Welcome to Trauma Recovery CIC. If you've experienced any kind of sexual, domestic or relational abuse; or know somebody who has, we are here to help. On our website you'll find information about what you can do, who you can talk to and where to find the support you need.

sexual trauma help

Who are we?

Trauma Recovery CIC ​is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company founded in 2020 by Rebecca Fox and Sandra Lewin who have many years of experience in the field of sexual, domestic & relational trauma. Our mission is to build a ​safe, supportive​ and ​sustainable​ service for the community as part of our quest of working towards a lifetime of happy and healthy living.

How can we help you?

Trauma Recovery CIC provides a safe and confidential space for people of any age, gender and background who have experienced sexual, domestic or relational abuse. 


Our team combine a wealth of experience to provide individual counselling, trauma-focused therapy and peer support services within the community to people living with the impact of sexual, domestic and relational trauma.

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"I felt heard and valued"

Age 15

Short Term Therapy Client

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