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Helix Project
Self referral funded therapy

Trauma Recovery secured funding in 2023 for our Helix project. The project is currently funded until 31st March 2025. 


Who can access funded therapy through Helix?

This project offers open ended trauma focused therapy to children, young people and adults in Hertfordshire who have experienced sexual assault and or rape more than 12 months ago. We are able to extend the support offered to those supporting the person assaulted (i.e. parents, carers, loved ones) who are struggling with the impact of the event themself. 


How are sessions offered?

Sessions are offered at the same time and day weekly. You will see the same therapist for as long as you and they agree is helpful (funding dependent) and you can access sessions online or in person depending on your availability. 


Do I have to be working with other services?

Access to this service is not dependent on your involvement with any other service.

The incidents or events do not need to have been reported to the Police, or to any other service, although we are able to offer you therapy if you have done this as well.

If you are working with another individual therapist we are not able to offer you therapy at the same time but if you are having couples, family or group therapy we may be able to offer you individual therapy alongside these sessions. We encourage you to discuss this with your existing therapist before making a self referral. 


How do the sessions work?

Sessions are confidential and are provided to support you to understand your reactions to what happened to you, how it impacts you now, to cope with the impact and to feel safe and emotionally stable.


We will not ask you to talk in detail about what happened to you. In the early stages of therapy this can do more harm than good as it can be re-traumatising. If you work with our team longer term you may find it helpful to use specific tools to process trauma memories. Some people find that they do this naturally and others have targeted sessions to do this.


How do I access the funded sessions?

To self refer please complete the relevant referral form below. Once we receive your referral we will contact you via email to book your initial appointment with our team.

Is there anyone who is not able to access this therapy?

You will need to be able to access and engage with Trauma Focused Therapy for it to be helpful. There are some circumstances where this is difficult or not possible.

Our team is not able to offer you support through Helix if you:

  • Have not experienced sexual abuse or violence yourself and are not supporting someone who has

  • Are currently living in an unsafe environment - this means if you are currently homeless, experiencing Domestic Abuse or any other form of abuse

  • Are or have been a perpetrator of Domestic or Sexual Violence (you may be able to access support via The Chrysalis Centre or Lucy Faithfull Foundation )

  • Experiencing Mental Health concerns that mean you need support with this specifically (for example psychosis, untreated Bi-Polar, Schizophrenia, Eating Disorder) 

If you are not sure whether Helix is the right support for you, please contact us prior to completing the referral form. 

Over 16 years old

If you are 16 years old or over please click below to complete a self referral form

Child/Young Person

Referrals for those aged 15 years or under must be made by an adult with Parental Responsibility

Opening Hours

Mon, Wed, Thurs



9:00 am – 9:00 pm

9:00 am- 5:30 pm

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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